Company Profile


ibTECHar Digital Solutions is a leading educational technology company founded in 2012. We provide educational services and integrated solutions for governments, schools, institutions, educators, and individuals to create an effective educational environment that is constantly adapting to global technological developments. Therefore, developing individuals’ abilities, contributing to sustainable development and establishing a knowledge-based economy among the local community.

ibTECHar has a unique position established by the deep local understanding in Qatar. Most importantly, we possess an understanding of the proper way of implementing and integrating the domains of technology and education. Thus, we provide a tailored educational experience where the aspects of technology and education are merged effectively.

ibTECHar has managed to build a local and global network of experts and suppliers. With that, we have a competitive advantage to be able to address challenges and innovate turnkey solutions.


ibTECHar’s Awards and Recognitions

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF) top 100 Startups shaping 4iR:

The World Economic Forum and the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) have partnered and selected 100 Arab start-ups shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2019.
ibTECHar was selected by WEF committee to be one of the 100 startups in MENA region shaping the 4th Industrial Revelation (4iR).


The Small Medium-sized enterprises Excellence List recognizes and celebrates the top performing SMEs in Qatar. The SME Excellence List will honor SMEs who have excelled in their businesses, created sustainable business models, projected business growth and have made an impact on the economy. The SME Excellence List is one of the most prestigious awards taking place in Qatar. This award is under the patronage of the Prime Minister H.E. Shaikh Abdulla Bin Nasser Al-Thani, which has been initiated and managed by QDB.

IbTECHar Digital Solutions was awarded by the SME Excellence Awards 2018 and was ranked as the 23rd company among best 50 SMEs who excelled in their business.


We use technology to streamline how knowledge should be perceived and applied


ibTECHar is the leading role model Educational-Technologies Company