Sanea Program

ibTECHar launched Sanea Initiative through which it promotes making and discovery within the local community. Choosing the name and the brand reflects the local understating and the criteria needed to create new culture within a local community. At the operational level, it is known globally that deploying any new technology requires hard-work and dedication. Therefore, ibTECHar has a turnkey approach in delivering solutions. This is to minimize challenges and maximize penetration through.
There are three projects under Sanea program; Sanea Competition, Sanea Bus, Sanea Camp:

Sanea Bus:

A mobile digital fabrication lab equipped with digital manufacturing tools such as 3D printers, electronics and CNC machines. It provides hands-on workshops to take the learners through the process of converting ideas to initial prototypes which prepares them to be future entrepreneurs, makers and innovators.

Sanea Competition:

Sanea Competition is an educational program that was launched in 2015 and is conducted annually in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar Scientific Club and other sponsors. It is designed to take local high school students through the process of making things and challenges them to solve real-world problems by building prototypes.

Sanea Camp:

Sanea Camp is a seasonal edutainment program designed to introduce participants aged 5-18 years old to new technologies through hands-on workshops. The camp allows participants to explore scientific concepts by engaging in experiential learning activities and it shows them how these concepts are applied in the real -world through field trips to different institutions and factories.